3D Design Programs To Begin With 3D Printing For Free !

3D Design Programs To Begin With 3D Printing For Free !

Bookmarking the right 3D design software is a way too complicated task for the user as each user would have a different suitable applications for 3D printing  in mind according to their preference. So we here in this blog, mention about the best and free softwares available in the market to simplify the selection process of the most suited application to you. The reasons are many for why it is quite confusing and complicated to choose the right stuff for your modelling purpose.

Firstly, there are numerous applications dominating in the market. Secondly, some of the software won’t work as intended for a specific user while others may be easy for them. Thirdly, users do have a strong recommendation and opinion about the softwares they use leading to uncertainty . Fourthly, these applications is unveiled and made open to the users at a heavy price which compels them to deny their decision to buy it before testing the free trial.

Don’t heat up your head, instead check out the below list of softwares best suited for 3D printing purpose which can be fetched free from online and later on move on to get more modern and tech savvy applications. We have categorized each of them based on different 3D modelling style which are foremost for each software. Some may point more on design while others may focus on its geometric elements.

 Solid Modeling:

                                       Also known as Box Modelling, the softwares in this list is best for people who are beginners in the concept. TinkerCAD is one simple kind of application having a user friendly interface significant for a starter in the field. It follows LEGO approach and might fall in love with it if you have a geometrical way of thoughts floating in your mind to create different objects. However the software is tough to design organic objects like humans, animals etc.

  Parametric Design:                                     

                                     A procedural modeling method is followed by the software in this category, therefore known by that name too. The software enables you to browse back to the previous model history to change the individual elements. The users looking for accuracy while designing can hope on these softwares. FreeCAD is one among them where a person can create precise geometric designs, such as technical parts, replacement parts, gadgets, cases, scale models etc.

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  Digital Sculpting:

                                    The insufficiency in solid modelling can be erased with the help of the softwares in this category. Organic designs like people, animals or creatures can be created using the applications. Here, mouse movements matters the most while mechanic precision is considered the least. Meshmixer enables you to design digital sculpting by mixing different 3D models together. Another software that gains you entry to a 3D sculpting world is Sculptris. It provides an easy to learn interface for the users not even having a bit of experience in 3D modelling. Also, the application is robust in creating base models which can be later moulded into a more sophisticated form, utilising other advanced  softwares.

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  Polygon Modeling:

                                  The objects here consists of a network of vertices, edges and faces. Also titled as contour modelling, the software can be used to edit precisely different parts. You can change the shape of the model by altering the coordinates that gives this modelling technique a wide popularity but difficult to learn for beginners. Blender is one amongst them which provides a steep learning curve due to its power of freedom.

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Curve & Line Modeling:

                                              As the name says, the softwares included in the list are used to draw curves & lines in a 3D space. By manual method of designing these lines are later blended together to create the surface of an object. By using this modelling technique, a precise model can be designed with ease.

SketchUp is a popular software in this category Hatchway architects and developers love to create. The application predominantly utilises the lines to design the models. Moment of Inspiration and Rhinoceros (Rhino 3D) are yet another set of softwares  used in curve modeling and focus on curves mainly rather than lines as in SketchUp.

Now the time has commenced its countdown for you to choose the best application to 3D print. Comment below your feedbacks or any other software names which can be a perfect suit for 3D modellers as we have not mentioned everything here. If you are new to the world of 3D modelling, it’s time to choose the best cad centres in Kerala to come out with flying colors in the field. 3D modeling courses online in kochi is also a big bet for the competitor candidates.                     

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