Is CAD Changing The World?

Is CAD Changing The World?


The number of active CAD users worldwide is forever increasing. Currently, there are over 19.3 million active CAD users around the world. Even more remarkable, two-thirds of those users are said to be outside North America. Even with effects of recession, major CAD software developers including Bentley Systems, Dassault Systemes and Autodesk are reporting that business is taking off in other regions around the globe. In fact, Bentley reported in March that China is delivering revenue that is tripling every two years, and is poised to become the company’s largest market.


New Generation of Design

Another noticeable trend in emerging markets is that students are jumping ahead of generations of CAD technology. When new design professionals exit universities and begin their careers, they bring the most current computing skills into the workplace, which leads to a demand that their employers acquire the latest software for them to work with.

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New Generation of Design

This young workforce is also looking at ways to use technology to effect change on a scale greater than a single building. They’ve got their eyes on much bigger things like the design of a football or Olympic stadium. It’s not just about the buildings anymore. The design possibilities with CAD has changed the way people used to think when it comes to building something. It has gone from simplicity to complexity and elegance thanks to the technical advancements in the CAD sector. Even the standard of living has changed, there’s demand for more and with the help of CAD software the designers are able to satisfy the hunger for more complex designs no matter the scale.


Piracy and Data Security in Emerging Markets

When discussing technology in emerging markets, the issue of piracy must be considered. It’s a fact that there’s a lot more piracy concern happening in emerging countries, and it drives the software vendors insane, and it should. When companies use illegal copies of a software, the vendors lose revenue. Therefore, they have to work actively to educate customers, students, and the general public about the importance of license compliance.

However, piracy is becoming less of an issue thanks in part to the efforts of higher education. The people who pirate software tend to be pretty low on the scale in terms of the work that they’re doing with the software. Whereas the people coming out of school that are newly educated tend to go into more complex use of CAD for design and for analysis, and so they have reason to value the software, to pay for it to meet needs, and they want proper software support and education.

Data security continues to be an issue in emerging markets as well. Firms working with contractors in these emerging markets can find it very difficult to maintain IT and data security. You’ll see more companies having much tighter control and so, if you have better PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) practices and BIM (Building Information Modelling) practices, you can have better control of your IT as well. Cloud-based computing is gaining attention in this arena because it can allow firms to turn software access on and off, improving their abilities to manage not only their software licenses but also their intellectual property.

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