CAD (Computer Aided Design) is primarily used to create, edit and interpret different stages of a design, which can then be put to various uses. There are many benefits in using CAD, as it clearly enhances the whole designing sector. Some of the best CAD centres in Kerala cater their students with these benefits.


Decrease the error percentage : Some of the best tools are used in CAD software and hence the error percent is decreased. Manual design produces significant errors unlike CAD.  

Decrease in effort :when it comes to designing phase, the workload is considerably reduced, as most of the designs are computer auto generated.

Efficiency : With the use of computer aided design, it helps to save your time and you can make better and more efficient designs in shorter time period.

Easy to edit : During the process of design making, alterations will have to be made in the design. When you are using computer aided design softwares, it will be quite easy to make any changes to the design because you can fix errors and modify the drawings much easily.

Code re-use : There will be no problem of duplication of labour, you can copy the different parts of the code and design, which can then be reused multiple times .

Improved accuracy : It is a true fact that the kind of accuracy that CAD softwares offer can never be achieved by opting for manual drawings. There is tools to measure the precession, skill and accuracy level of the design.

Easy to share : It helps the user to save the file and access it whenever needed. Sharing the file without any unwanted hassle is also possible.



In assembling missiles, space-shuttles and even high tech aircrafts, it is CAD that will turn out to be handy. Computer aided design is more accessible in designing some of the best models. When designing these aerospace products, accuracy is of immense importance. CAD software is used for methodological planning, and when it is implemented with heed it is useful in making some of the demanding and employed designs.   

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Civil Engineering

Civil sector includes a lot of designing process, as construction of each and everything requires a proper designing phase. Even very small flaw in the design can lead to problematic situation. This is the main reason why CAD is becoming so popular and it has a number of tools to sketch the fine detail of what you desire for.


Landscaping is the area that requires plenty of accurate designs and hence the use of CAD is indispensable. Making a manual landscape plan can be tedious and very time consuming, that makes the CAD a better suggestion. Jewellery design is another sector that immensely uses Computer Aided Design. Field of map making – cartography also makes beneficial use of CAD. These are some of the most common industrial use of CAD. People passing out from some of the CAD training institute in Kerala head into these industries and execute the operations with CAD making the work easy altogether.     

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 CAD in Cartography                                                                                  CAD in Landscaping


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