Why Learning AutoCAD, Revit, And Staad.Pro Is A Must For A Civil Engineer?

Why Learning AutoCAD, Revit, And Staad.Pro Is A Must For A Civil Engineer?

Technically, a civil engineer is equivalent to that of a designer as they have to discover stunning designs from structures, to machines to materials, utilising their immense technical knowledge and skills. Notably, the tools are a one critical item specifically needed to furnish the structure as per the specification defined. Fortunately, there are numerous tools to attain the task but choosing the best from them is the difficulty.

A civil engineer has to depend widely on CAD tools nowadays as all the construction processes relies on digital breakthrough. As mentioned above, since there are lot of CAD softwares in Kerala available, choosing some from the many is not tough but opting the right one certainly is. He/ she must be an expertise in multiple applications, but most of them are unaware of which is best suited to select.

We can say one thing that out of the list, you may have to choose atleast a 3 to expertise on. Some of the most popular CAD software in Kochi we recommend is AutoCAD, Revit, and Staad Pro. Here in this blog, description of why there is a need for these softwares to be widely utilised by civil engineers is defined.


Moreover, the software is also best for structural drawings and can be utilised for detailed civil works of any type. AutoCAD is also a an ideal piece of software to work on and apart from that civil 3D is also exercised on producing high-quality plans, primarily for completing 3D projects.

AutoCAD is a must for civil engineering students to excel in design and detailing of its components. The software is also taught in many institutes, however students are only tutored the basics and the rest are left to learn on their own. Civil CAD courses in Kerala offers the best training for the candidates by mentoring them in multiple disciplines.


Also known as Revit Architecture, as the name denotes it is an architectural tool to design intrusive designs predominantly for the architects. The civil CAD software in Kochi is developed for design and documentation purposes. Eventhough, AutoCAD is also utilised for the same task, Revit offers a fast, reliable and more detailed drawings in a short span of time.

Professionals in the field including building scientists and town planners often make use of the software to design building structures. Drawing floor plans can be extra hassle free for the architect using Revit and is considered one of the best architectural tool currently available. Revit MEP & HVAC centre in Kochi can be an ideal institute for the candidates to learn about the software.

Staad Pro      

Eventhough it is not much mandatory for the civil engineers to cope up with the software, junior structural engineers have the best working prospects. Students have passion of becoming a structural engineer can opt to study Staad Pro because it is suitable to design any structural element. Other softwares may not be able to analyze many of the components like beams, slabs, columns, arches, trusses, and cantilevers etc.

Staad Pro enables you to take analysis of retaining walls, floodgates, and bridges too, making it an unavoidable tool for professionals. Work drawings used by site engineers has a lot to with the software. On completion of its analysis,  they will make it available for the construction engineers for execution of architectural drawing.


The above mentioned tri software is like a package most exclusively made for civil engineers to work on. From a detailed study made above, it is precise that AutoCAD is a must for them as it is the basic design tool used widely in the industry. To focus on structural engineering section, Staad Pro is the most recommended one for detailing and designing. Revit is the best suit for civil engineers who have keen in civil engineering.  


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