Autodesk Inventor

Inventor is Autodesk’s flagship product for 3D modeling. It is basically a 3D modeling software as well as a drafting tool. Inventor can be used to create simple part designs to complex machinery assemblies and simulate the working of it. Inventor also has the ability to do Finite Element Analysis using which user can test the strength of the design and check if the part will fail given stress acts on it. It has all the advantages of AutoCAD which is majorly a 2D software, but also includes features such as basic Stress Analysis, Surface Modelling, Studio to make presentation, Shaft Generator, etc. The most important aspect of this software is the dynamic stimulation which makes it superior for new design & drafting.

This 3D mechanical solid modelling design software helps the users to produce 3D models to aid in visualising, designing and simulating products even before they are built. This software has integrated motion simulation and assembly stress analysis and users are given options to input driving loads, friction loads, dynamic components and to run the dynamic simulation in order to test how the product will function in a real-world scenario.