3D printing Course

3 D Printing is a procedure of metamorphosing digital files into three dimensional solid objects. The associated 3D printer stacks thin layers of materials one above another to create a solid object, thus it involves adding layers. It is also called as additive manufacturing. 3D printing course not only teaches engineers to make a final product, but also to optimize the quality of prototypes of products that have to be manufactured in the traditional way at factories.

In our CAD centre we help you to grasp :

  • Elementary printing
  • Foundation printing
  • Advanced printing

The course furnishes expert training in 3 dimensional Modeling and 3 dimensional Printing, major steps such as digitizing designs, preparing and exporting 3D models, PolyJet, and FDM. Students will be exposed to live demonstrations of 3D Printing and carry out projects with our assistance as well as independent projects, which will improve the practical approach to 3D printing.